Rates & Fees

The following information outlines standard service fees that may apply to your project and/or service requests that you make of us from time to time. All prices include GST.

- Professional Services Rate Sheet
- Standard Fees
- Assumptions

Professional Services Rate Sheet

Task / Service



Web Developer

$176 / hour

$149.60 / hour

Senior Web Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Designer
Assistant Project Manager

$176 / hour $149.60 / hour

Senior Project Manager
Technical Director
Art Director / Creative Director

$198 / hour $168.30 / hour


Standard Fees

Task / Service


Retrieve file from single offline backup




  • Please not that we do not guarantee that this list is complete or up-to-date. Check with your account manager if you are uncertain.
  • Individually arranged contract rates may differ from these standard fees.
  • This list is a guideline only.
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