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A dedicated virtual server provides your websites with a dedicated operating system, RAM, disk space, and CPU cycles. There is no competing with other websites for available resources.

Even better, the virtualisation technology allows your server to "burst" beyond its default resources instantly when needed, and offers rapid scaleability when you need to grow.

Each dedicated virtual hosting service includes a Tier 1 dedicated server hosted in DDSN.net's high availability network as well as advanced support. You won't find such an integrated service offering at a mainstream hosting provider.

You can do what you like with your server, you may host one or many websites. Advanced or customised configuration options are available.

DDSN.net's dedicated virtual hosting plans are fully managed. The system is configured, monitored, and supported by DDSN.net. A collection of managed hardware, software, and databases coupled with monitoring, backups, and pre-defined support services assures that all your day to day hosting requirements are covered.

There is no capital outlay from you, no technical knowledge required by you, and no additional investment in support services.

Key Features

High Performance, High Availability System

DDSN.net dedicated virtual hosting plans use Tier 1 servers residing within our high availability network using the most advanced virtualisation technology available today. Your website will benefit from the following features of a Tier 1 server which is wholly dedicated to the task of running your online business without sharing resources with other customers.

Burstable CPU Power

A standard allocation of CPU power is assigned to the hosting server. However during peak periods the server will automatically "burst" to use additional CPU resources from the network master servers.

Fast, Redundant Storage - Tier 1 SAN

Your website databases and files are stored in a Tier 1 Storage Area Network (SAN).  That means maximum speed and complete redundancy for storage of your important website databases and files. Never be afraid of a hard disk hardware failure.

Dedicated RAM

Each ddsn.dvCorporate dedicated virtual server is assigned with 2 Gb of fast RAM. Unlike other shared resources in the HA network, this RAM is dedicated to the operation of the your server and not shared with the network.

Automatic Fail-over of Master Servers

In the case of a master network server becoming unavailable (e.g. during upgrade or maintenance periods, or the unlikely event of a server crash) a Tier 1 server will automatically switch to run on alternate master servers in the network. That means maximum availability of your website with no fear of downtime due to hardware failure.

Rapid Deployment

Not only can we have your dedicated virtual server running in hours (not weeks), but new resources (RAM, storage, and in advanced cases dedicated CPU resources) can be added on demand with no down time!

Advanced Monitoring and Response

The ddsn.dvCorporate hosting plan includes 24x7 server and website monitoring. So whether it's a weekend or 3 a.m., expert engineers are notified by SMS and respond within guaranteed service levels if there are problems with the server or with your website.

Included Monitoring 

  • ICMP monitoring to assure the server is always online
  • DNS monitoring to assure your domain name is always available
  • HTTP and HTTPS monitoring to assure the web server is always serving pages
  • IIS application pool monitoring and automatic recycling to help assure your website is not slowing down when the web server is under load
  • Server memory and hard disk monitoring
  • Critical web page monitors assure that important pages in your website are not only online, but serving the expected content. (If a website has application problems that are undetectable by other monitors, the critical web page monitor will alert the support team.) Up to 3 critical page monitors are included in the default service. 
  • Custom monitors available for specialised applications

Response Service

Our primary goal is to keep your website running. So if there are problems we'll get the site back online the fastest way possible. However we go further than that. Since we have access to advanced software engineers at DDSN Interactive, under the advanced support plan we take the time to review and understand the website that we're hosting for you. That means we can help with performance tuning and advanced analysis of bottlenecks and problems in your site, even to the point of improving code (where possible within the boundaries of the support plan). 

Advanced Support Plan

We'll provide up to 3 hours of hosting related planning and support services per quarter at no extra charge. This time can be used for advanced support services that would normally be charged in addition to your hosting service, such as:

  • An overall performance review of your website
  • Advanced performance tweaking of your website
  • Additional managed services such as advanced backups, monitoring, vendor engagement
  • Reporting or systems development
  • Web server management - E.g. server tuning, SSL installation and management, domain name management
  • Advanced analysis and response if problems occur with your website


All prices include GST.

Package Price

  • Setup
  • Monthly

Excess Traffic

Excess traffic costs apply if your website exceeds the outgoing transfer limit allowed as a standard part of your hosting package.

  • Excess Traffic (Outbound)
    $9.90 per Gb or part thereof

Pre-paid Traffic

Increase the outbound traffic allowance for your hosting plan by pre-paying for additional allotments.

  • Pre-paid Traffic (Outbound)
    $192.50 per 25 Gb block
    $275 per 50 Gb block
  • A pre-paid block of data can be added to or removed from your account at any time by email request with 10 business days of notice (billing periods are monthly)

Hosting Plan Features

  • Dedicated Tier 1 virtual server
  • Fully managed service
  • 35 Gb Tier 1 SAN allocation for operating system
  • 20 Gb Tier 1 SAN allocation for databases & application files
  • 20 Gb Tier 2 SAN allocation for data & log files
  • 25 Gb data transfer per month (or 40 Gb when bundled with a CMS support plan)
  • 2 Gb dedicated RAM
  • 1 virtual CPU
  • Windows 2008/12 Server with IIS7/8
  • ASP.net 4.0+
  • Custom technologies supported
  • SMTP server installed, mailouts fully supported
  • Advanced 24x7 server and website monitoring and response package for up to 3 websites *
  • Standard 8x5 monitoring and response for up to 10 additional sites *
  • Host as many sites/applications as you like (subject to hosting performance reviews, which are included in the service)
  • Advanced management service
  • Customised managed backup plan
  • Managed firewall with strict security policies, custom rules available, active DDoS attack protection
  • Advanced customisation available
  • 1 dedicated IP address, additional IPs available for SSL or with other justification
  • Premium data rates and pre-payment option
  • Please ask about add-on services

* More sites than the monitored number may be installed. Additional monitoring is available as an extension.
** Backups are stored on the hosting network. Off site backups are available with additional support.

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