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Flexible, supported hosting for more active business websites, e-commerce, and customer service sites. Personalised monitoring and support, and custom solutions available.

Key Features

High Availability, High End Hosting System

DDSN.netExtend hosting plans use Tier 1 servers residing within our high availability network. Your website will benefit from the following features of a Tier 1 server:

  • CPU power that "bursts" to higher allocations when the server is under load
  • Fast, fully redundant Tier 1 SAN storage
  • Dedicated RAM that is not shared with other virtual machines
  • Automatic fail-over of master servers during maintenance or problem periods
  • Redundant firewalls with strict security policies
  • Redundant 1 Gb network connections
  • Fully redundant power supplies
  • World class data centre

Advanced Monitoring and Response

The DDSN.netExtend hosting plan includes 24x7 server monitoring and 8x5 website monitoring. Expert engineers are notified by SMS if there is a problem with your site and respond within guaranteed service levels. Regular hosting providers monitor servers and network equipment but not the health of your actual website.

Included Monitoring 

  • ICMP monitoring to assure the server is always online
  • DNS monitoring to assure your domain name is always available
  • HTTP and HTTPS monitoring to assure the web server is always serving pages
  • IIS application pool monitoring and automatic recycling to help assure your web site is not slowing down when the web server is under load
  • Server memory and hard disk monitoring
  • Critical web page monitors for your home page to assure that your website are not only online, but serving the expected content. (If a website has application problems that are undetectable by other monitors, the critical web page monitor will alert the support team.)

Response Service

Our primary goal is to keep your website running. So that means that if there are problems we'll get the site back online the fastest way possible. However we go further than that. We take the time to review and understand the website that we're hosting for you. That means we can help with performance tuning and advanced analysis of bottlenecks and problems in your site.


Service Price

  • Setup
  • Monthly

Excess Traffic

Excess traffic costs apply if your website exceeds the outgoing transfer limit allowed as a standard part of your hosting package.

  • Excess Traffic (Outbound)
    $15.40 per Gb or part thereof

Pre-paid Traffic

Increase the outbound traffic allowance for your hosting plan by pre-paying for additional allotments.

  • Pre-paid Traffic (Outbound)
    $192.50 per 25 Gb block
    $275 per 50 Gb block
    $9.90 per 1 Gb thereafter
  • A pre-paid block of data can be added to or removed from your account at any time by email request with one billing period's notice (i.e. to be applied to the next billing period after the current one)

Hosting Plan Features

  • Tier 1 virtual server in DDSN.net's high availability network
  • 5 Gb Tier 1 storage for database / website / application  files
  • 10 Gb data transfer per month
  • 2 Gb dedicated RAM per virtual server
  • 2 virtual CPUs per server
  • Windows 2008/12 Server with IIS7/8
  • ASP.net 4.0+
  • PHP/MySQL/Perl/CGI available on request
  • Advanced database support - MS SQL Server Web Edition or PostgreSQL
  • SMTP server access / mailouts fully supported
  • E-commerce and security services fully supported
  • Optional SSL
  • Optional secure FTP access to CMS file repositories
  • Single CMS installation
  • Multi site CMS installations supported *
  • 24x7 server and website monitoring and response *
  • Managed weekly critical data backup **
  • Custom software and configurations supported
  • Managed firewall with strict security policies and active DDoS attack prevention

* Multi site CMS installation support including monitoring for more than 2 websites incurs an additional fee.
** Backups are stored on the hosting network. Off site backups are available with additional support.

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