Web Hosting Services



For small or simple sites. Personalised monitoring and support included.

Key Features

High End Hosting on a Budget

DDSN.netLaunch hosting plans use virtualised servers with the following advantages.

  • Storage Area Network (SAN) for your website files
  • Dedicated RAM that is not shared with other virtual machines
  • Redundant 1 Gb network connections
  • Redundant power supplies
  • World class data centre

The DDSN.netExtend hosting service is not hosted within DDSN's high availability network, which is how we keep the cost down. However it still includes DDSN's professional support and a dedicated monitoring and response service for your site.  

Advanced Monitoring and Response

The DDSN.netLaunch hosting plan includes 24x7 server monitoring and 8x5 website monitoring. Expert engineers are notified by SMS if there is a problem with the server and respond to assure the website is healthy (even if you have not notified us). Regular hosting providers monitor servers and network equipment but not the health of your actual website. 

Included Monitoring 

  • ICMP monitoring to assure the server is always online
  • HTTP monitoring to assure the web server is serving pages


Service Price

Contact us for pricing.

Excess Traffic

Excess traffic costs apply if your website exceeds the outgoing transfer limit allowed as a standard part of your hosting package.

  • Excess Traffic (Outbound) $22 per Gb or part thereof

The Next Level...

We think that hosting is a critical component of running a serious website.

That's why all DDSN.net plans are fully managed services that come with dedicated monitoring and support.

We strongly encourage all DDSN hosting customers to consider the benefits of the DDSN Tier 1 high availability network. The DDSN.netExtend hosting service provides an entry point to the high availability network.

Some additional benefits of DDSN.netExtend:

  • Dedicated managed firewall with strict security policies and attack prevention
  • 99.9% server Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Additional hardware redundancy
  • Additional monitoring and support
  • Managed backup plan
  • Additional storage space, traffic allowance, database options
  • Hosted in the Tier 1 high availability network for high performance sites
  • Find out more about DDSN.netExtend...
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